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Vacuum Packers Henkovac Table top

‘Best choice’ for restaurants, hospitality industry, food vendors and caterers.

Henkovac has redesigned its complete range of vacuum packing machines to make the machines easier to use and maintain. The full range of machines and available options makes it easy to select the best solution for your packaging needs.

All models have hygienic easy-to-clean vacuum chambers, easily removable seal beams and silicon bars for easy cleaning. Intuitive digital control unit, detects automatically the optimum vacuum level for products with a high moisture content, preventing moisture to be evaporated out of the product.

With an ingenious redesign focused on serviceability, Henkovac sets the new benchmark for quality and design in the industry once again.

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Additional extras (please call for pricing):
  • 10 programs
  • Sensor control
  • Soft air
  • Gas flush

ModelSeal LengthMax Product HeightUseful Chamber SizeOutside DimensionStandard VoltagePower ConsumptionWeight
TABLETOP T2270 mm100 mm270 x 310 x 100/140365 x 500 x 300/340**230-1-50 Hz0.4/0.5 kw25 kg
TABLETOP T3320 mm160 mm320 x 330 x 16030 x 550 x 41230-1-50 Hz0.5/0.7 kw50 kg
TABLETOP T4420 mm180 mmmax. 420 x 370 x 180530 x 590 x 460230-1-50 Hz0.7/1.3 kw60 kg
TABLETOP T5320 mm100 mm800 x 320 x 95985 x 515 x 430230-1-50 Hz1.3 kw115 kg
CABINET PLUS-1for tabletop:T2 & T3450 x 550 x 620
CABINET PLUS-2for tabletop:T4540 x 590 x 580
Dimensions in mm *Machines can be supplied with all worldwide voltages applicable
OptionsDigital Time ControlSensor ControlSealSeal ConfigurationGasPump CapacityCycle Time
TABLETOP T21 programxCC***Lx4 or 8 m320-40 sec
TABLETOP T31 or 10 programssensor/H2OCC***Lgas8 or 16 m320-30 sec
TABLETOP T41 or 10 programssensor/H2OCCC***L L&Lgas16 or 21 m320-30 sec
TABLETOP T51 or 10 programssensor/H2OCCC***S&Sgas21 m320-30 sec
**Model T2 standard coverheight 110 mm, optional high cover 140 mm ***CC = Clean Cut | CCC = Clean Cut Controlled
Seal configurations