Máy Thermoformer


For flexible and rigid film

The range of thermoformers has been designed to satisfy the requirements of small to medium size processing operations that require the best value for their money in performance, hygiene, quality, reliability, serviceability and durability. The intuitive, user friendly control system make programming easy, provides relevant management Information and safeguards proper operation.

Custom made worldclass thermoformers for flexible and rigid film.

  • Standard film widths: 285 – 320 – 355 – 420 mm
  • Standard strokes: 240 – 270 – 300 mm
  • All other options available

Standard: Display prepared for remote connection and control through Ethernet; for example for software updates

Standard: Synchronisation for peripheral devices such as a labeler, printer, filler or loading robot

Standard: Control cabinet heating to prevent condensation on electrical circuits

All parts are very accessible for easy service and cleaning. The uncompromising choice of quality materials and design makes us proud to be able to offer this range of thermoformers.